Press Release

YORBA LINDA, CA (February 6, 2017) – PINEMAX, one of the top innovative suppliers in the promotional products industry, has announced today its formal name change to Everson as part of a growth-capital investment deal. PINEMAX has been in the promotional products industry for nearly two decades and has brought cutting-edge branding and award winning service to the industry. PINEMAX products have been valued for their unique and modern feel, which has set them apart as a leading supplier.

With the tremendous advancements seen from PINEMAX in the last few years, the investment group, whose name has not been released, has seen incredible potential in the company and the opportunity for even stronger growth in the promotional products sphere. Terms of the deal were finalized at the end of December; details however have not yet been released.

"PINEMAX has already established itself as a top supplier, but there is always room for more growth and development. A re-brand and formal name change to Everson is the next step in taking our company to the next level," said Andrew Blue, who will assume the role of President. "Everson's vision and mission is to deliver a solid message behind each product sold and to create a story for each of our customers and the products they purchase."

Everson’s core line of products will remain the same as previously carried by PINEMAX, and all personnel and business facilities will remain intact. Everson made a formal debut at the PPAI Expo in Las Vegas.