Testing,Testing... 1,2,3.

Testing, Testing. . . 1, 2, 3.

Did you know that poor quality wireless charging pads can literally melt?
Thatís definitely a feature no one would like to opt for.
Thereís many wireless charging pads out in the market and as with anything quality can greatly vary. While some of our items may not be Qi Certified, all of their components and structure adhere to the Qi standard ensuring quality and safety.

Our wireless charging pads come with integrated a Thermal Monitor Sensor
that protect against surges, over charging and overheating.

We know life happens and inevitably something that wasnít intended to will land on the charging pad.
This is why foreign object detection is also included. If unwanted metal objects such as keys or large coins are left on the charging pad for a prolonged period of time, our charging pads will automatically stop charging.

(FOD) Foreign Object Detection

- Added safety feature to avoid unwanted charging

Thermal Monithoring Sensor

- Maintains a safe and optimal charging temperature

Advanced Unit Control

- Intelligent chipset which optimizes the charging performance and efficiency of the wireless charging pad.

Upgraded Transmitter Unit For Faster Charging

- Inductively coupled coils
- SDK Sheeting for enhanced magnetic flux
- Decreased leakage field
- Lowest DCR
- Highest Q-value