What is USB Type-C?

USB Type-C is a new USB standard that is being adopted by consumer electronic products. Smart phones, laptops, tablets, and even monitors will eventually all come with the USB Type-C.


The USB everyone is used to is the USB Type-A. This head requires you to insert the plug in a certain direction.

The USB Type-C is reversible so it can be plugged in any direction. It is also about a third the size of the old USB Type-A plug.


The USB Type-A has progressed through multiple versions while still keeping the same shape. USB 2.0 is an example of this, each version an upgrade over the last, such as improving data transfer rates.

USB Type-C not only has a different design outisde, but it has a different design inside as well. It is built with the necessary framework to adapt to a new technology called power delivery. Though still being finalized and adopted by major electronics manufacturers, power delivery is set to be a big game changer in the charging industry. USB 2.0 connections provide a charge up to 2.5 Watts. Power delivery has specifications up to 100 watts. This new technology is also bi-directional so the devices can either give or take power, whereas the old USB Type-A is only capable of a one way transfer.

USB Type-C can also support a range of alternate adaptors. It will eventually replace HDMI, Display Ports, VGA Ports and other media related ports. Thus consolidating all the different types of cables and plugs needed. Think of the USB Type-C as the all in one cable of the future. Capable of charging things faster than anything before, and being the only cord needed in your house to run your consumer electronics needs.



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